Something is definitely off.

…you’re busy, but you’re not fulfilled

…you’ve had a breakthrough, but aren’t show how to live in the new space

…your relationship with your body and spirit are out of alignment.

You feel it.

You may not know exactly what the thing is, but you know for sure there is an incessant thing.

Let’s address that through a series of coaching sessions designed to help you reduce the mental clutter and get to the thing that needs to be explored and expressed.  The outcomes of self-expression include  stress-reduction and the designing of the internal architecture within which your most joyous, fulfilled self can live.

Here’s what others have experienced through connecting with my work:


Our sessions together won’t just be about emotions and expression, but about an urgent need for change, and the courage to risk expression in those currently muted areas of your life.  You’ll access your emotional spectrum, your unique needs, and most importantly your powerful voice.


Coaching designed to help you identify, address and resolve that incessant thing.


* I need clarity so that I can finish writing my book!

* I’ve read the right books and gotten coached by amazing people; why am I still unclear
about how to create a better life?

* I don’t know who I am, because I’ve been busy being what people expect/need me to be!

* My family consumes my life! I want to be myself more–how in the world do I do that?

* If I could just get it together, I know I could be happy. Where do I start?

* My online presence doesn’t reflect the real me!

* I think I sabotage my own success—what can I do about that?

* I am financially secure and professionally successful, but on the inside, I’m just not happy!

* I can’t figure out how to convey more of the real me on my current website?

* I have great ideas, but I’m overwhelmed and rarely execute any of the ideas

* I just don’t seem to have enough support in my life, so my goals suffer



How many sessions?

$250 per 90-minute session

Special rates available for multiple sessions purchase.

Scheduled anyway you like; weekly, bimonthly, or monthly.
We can work together for up to 90 days, after which point,
we’ll schedule your two (free) biweekly check-in chats.

I use a variety of modalities including but not limited to:
chakra cleanses, incantation and mantra development,
meditative focus, and of course dialogue that invokes
self-inquiry and pattern recognition.

After the second check-in chat, if you want to work on
another facet of your spiritual wellness journey, we can
start another round of sessions at $175 per session.

Once you submit your questionnaire, I will contact you
within two (2) business days to find out how you want
to proceed.  Fill out this questionnaire to get started