Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Spiritual Entrepreneurship


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PLUS… A Spiritual Business Retreat based on a Double Bestselling Book!

Join 10 women entrepreneurs for a reflective, relaxing and transformational, spiritual experience in the hills of beautiful Jamaica. We will learn about “business soulwork,” strategy, and emotional excavation. This retreat experience is for the woman who are ready to produce true sustainable and authentic wealth (financial, emotional, spiritual physical) in her life. 

If you are pulled urgently toward the creation of a business rooted in your deepest interests and talents, and you desperately need to figure out how to make that business financially and emotionally sustainable, join us in Jamaica.

Each year, we (the co-founders of this movement) gather a small group of women to help them explore and embrace their gifts, then celebrate them in creative, spiritually-focused ways.


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This movement, called EMBODY™, is the only complete business and lifestyle design program for women, and represents the culmination of more than 15 years of shared frustration with “paper success” and delayed fulfillment among women who lead through entrepreneurship.

The program is exclusively designed for the woman who is ready to embrace a fully intuitive “inner coach” approach to profitable business design and lifestyle. She is seeking clarity and structure around solutions for profitability and impact. She’s ready to eliminate fear and fully express her creative desires through major change in her business and lifestyle practices.

We wrote a book about that clarity and structure in October of 2012, and fervently spoke to every woman who would listen about the urgent nature of its message.

We knew women were building businesses without basic business knowledge. And we knew women with plenty of knowledge and paper success who were emotionally unwell. The patterns were clear, and we used the book to tell our own stories, and to show other women how to start liberating themselves through the lessons we had learned.

It worked. The book was a bestseller on both Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. Women trusted us with their time and attention, both online and in person, and they told us how much the book helped them get clear on why they were stuck, and how to get free. They shared the book with friends, and the message reached more and more women.

Since then, we’ve led numerous group discussions on Facebook, Google+, and in live settings at book signings, conferences, and one-on-one settings around increasing business education and embracing emotional wellness.



Katrina M. Harrell and Akilah S. Richards can be found wherever women are prepared to liberate themselves from lives and businesses that lack the infrastructure for continued growth and authentic joy.

Since co-authoring How She Got Free: A 5-step Spiritual Business Manual for Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship—a bestseller on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble—the duo has gathered audiences of women in various stages of entrepreneurship to guide them through the process and benefits of creating the Standards,Systems, and Structures for work-life liberation.

Both women share an interest in helping women escape the prisons of uninformed, trial-and-error, emotionally draining businesses. Their shared objective is to build a body of work that teaches women how to create effective systems for achieving their personal and professional goals.

Katrina and Akilah curate and cultivate dialogue around the practice of spiritual entrepreneurship, and provide live and digital opportunities for women to increase their knowledge and their network around legacy-building and living well. Subscribe for updates by CLICKING HERE.

Contact Us: theladies [at] howshegotfree [dot] com | 678.856.5176


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