The Definition of Radical Self-Expression

The Definition of Radical Self-Expression

Radical Self-Expression

It is the bridge between self-inquiry and self-acceptance.
It is how we make self-love less ambiguous and more literal.

Radical Self-Expression is the action step to placing value on one’s self, and it is what we use to determine what we represent in any given situation. Through the practice of radical self-expression, one finds the cure to this mad obsession with being well-rounded and flexible in all environments.

Because love, you are crazy to believe that you should be able to maintain calm waters and life-balance come what may. That is impossible, and it was designed to leave you needing something outside of yourself.

If you seek to find balance and flexibility in every environment,
what will yield to what you need?


And so it has been for countless women. For countless years.

What do you represent when you occupy a space?
What do you need?
from your partner? your child? your mother? your day? your belly? your mirror?

How will you learn to clearly define what you need when you are busy being what it/they need?
All for the sake of balance and flexibility?

Flexibility in body is beautiful.
Flexibility in mindset is necessary.

But flexibility in needs is potentially fatal. And parts of you are already endangered, because you’ve adapted yourself damn near out of your You-ness.

Radical Self-Expression is the Exploration and Reclamation of that You-ness.

Through the practice, you discover the art of deep self-study, including your natural patterns, core values, and the ability to express and protect what you need. The skill in radical self-expression is in learning how to cultivate your intuition, and to not only recognize it, but to allow it to serve you in all your actions.

Radical Self-Expression is a process, not a result.
It is both an intangible feeling and a honed skill.
It is an inside job evidenced by the world outside of you.
It is a verb, not a noun.

It is practiced through the exploration of your spiritual strengtheners; the words, actions, and feelings that are most aligned with who you are and how you prefer to live and feel.

What you need to feel the most like you, is as important as your breath.
When you are not nurturing that, you are acquiescing.
And acquiescence is never your only option.

Here, drink this.

“…way to strengthen connection to intuition is to refuse to allow anyone to repress your vivid energies…that means your opinions, your thoughts, your ideas, your values, your morals, your ideals. To let your own innate cycles dictate the upsurges and the downward cycles of your life, not other forces or persons outside yourself, nor negative complexes from within.

Liken it to jump rope. The rhythm already exists; you sway back and forth until you are copying the rhythm. Then, jump in. That’s how it’s done. It is no more fancy than that.”

— Women Who Run With the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph. D.


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