I help small business owners develop and implement creative solutions to effectively managing aspects of their business. I develop social media-infused marketing campaigns, I have designed brand collateral, including logos, business cards, web sites, brochures, social media skins and landing pages, company calendars, book and CD covers, WordPress theme customizations, and free-hand illustration.

I’ve done branding, design, and/or creative problem-solving work with with musicians, music industry executives, religious organizations, international shipping companies, non-profit organizations, women-owned businesses, web-based businesses, jewelry designers, medical education campaign organizers, event producers and promoters, print magazines, and advertising agencies.

Current Priorities: Creative campaign development for brilliant products and services.


  • a manipulator of multiple mediums: digital + real life
  • create and re-define the visual element of people’s careers and businesses.
  • a master at using my professional training and experience to develop campaigns that clearly express a brand’s primary message
  • an Aesthetic Alchemist who is currently lends his services to clients who want be uniquely expressed and well-represented.

I work with

Art-centered business fusion experiences.

Projects involving pushing technology and creativity.

Campaigns that represent truth in advertising.

Personal brands owned by people who truly love their work.

email me for portfolio, quotes, and 15-minute complementary consultations.
kris @ thelifedesignagency dotcom.