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Make money transforming your books, blogs, workshops & videos into automated, digital, passive income programs.

If you’ve ever:

• written a book or ebook
• taught a workshop
• posted a video series on YouTube
• created your own product
• shared any “how to” skills on your blog

…or if you happen to be good at something at a level where you think you could probably teach it in a step-by-step format, my “Idea Selling System” may offer you a way to make money sharing your best ideas.

This system turns any idea of yours that can be broken down into steps, into a digital, automated, subscription-based program that you can create, upload, arrange, sell, and make money. This is a system you can duplicate and use for ANY of your ideas, existing or new ones. Once you know the system, you can apply it to:

• your books
• your coaching programs
• your workshops
• your blog posts
• your photography knowledge
• any knowledge you can explain in increments
• anything you can teach in a step-by-step format

You don’t need to have technical experience (coding, design, etc.) to do well with this course. If you’ve ever used WordPress (or if you’re willing to use WordPress), and you want to sell your ideas in a step-by-step email process, you have all the prerequisites to take this course. Enroll today and get started turning your old ideas into new income!

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Radical Self-Expression course offers a guided exploration of the words, emotions, daily actions, and vital steps for deeper alignment with self-expression. Get lifetime access to 16 detailed lectures, including video, audio, a workbook, and opportunities for ongoing support.

Whether we are Activists, Healers, Corporate Successes, Students, Mothers, Wives/Partners, many of us end up sacrificing our creativity and our emotional wellness for the labels, titles, and checklists that validate us in our society.

That sacrifice causes a woman to acquiesce, to settle, and to lose herself in ways that cause deep misalignment with her creative, intuitive self. This course helps that woman to become re-acquainted with her least filtered self, and brings her the clarity and strategy she needs to stop settling and start thriving.

This course is accented by Radical Self-Expression Workbook, which can be downloaded in the Supplemental Materials sections of lectures 1 and 2. Be sure to download the Workbook, as it will be referenced throughout the course.

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Learn how one unschooling, location-independent family focuses on curiosity, mindful living, and entrepreneurship. Get lifetime access to 23 detailed lectures, including video, audio, resource links, and opportunities for ongoing support.

This course is for you if you are an entrepreneur and freethinker seeking to raise children who are a blend of confident autodidact and savvy resource utilizer. You want them to be the type of adults who will be able to discern when to be the technician and when to be the visionary. They will get to know that, in part, by watching you, so how can your habits as an entrepreneur help you raise amazing people? You’ll find out in this course.

This course is for you if you chose to do spiritually fulfilling work over working primarily for money. You value the series of moments called life, and therefore, you want to have enriching, rewarding life experiences. This value calls for you to step out of the passenger seat of your life and take a leadership role. You will explore your leadership style for that purpose, in this course.

This course is for you if the standard daily structure of rise-grind-push-repeat just doesn’t fit your flow. To fall in line with a 9-to-5 job, reserve real joy for weekends and vacations, and raise children who excel at following directions and end up in good desk jobs, is your idea of a wasted life. You want a richer experience. You want to follow your curiosity, and you want children who know how to turn curiosity into both income and impact. This course is designed by someone who is doing exactly that.

Essentially, this course will give you ideas on how to integrate your unconventional work hours and unique needs/interests, with your experiences as a parent whose children call for attention, education, and a non-linear life.