~ Akilah S. Richards  #RadicalSelfie

Thanks for visiting this site. Here you’ll find a variety of resources—primarily books, personal coaching, relationship coaching, and personal retreats) to help you sift through the emotional and environmental mud that has kept you from living a fully-expressed life. It’s Radical Self-Expression work, and we’re the only company in the world focused solely on it.

I am Akilah, one of the founders of this agency, and I’m one of those weirdos who believe that life shouldn’t be compartmentalized into big boxes of hard work and “mastering the game”, and little boxes of intermittent joy through vacations, retreats, and other typical “getaways”.

If I ever start feeling like I have to vacate or get away from my “regular” life, then I know I’m on the wrong path.  I’m running the other way–inward, toward myself and unique patterns.  I’m on that Audre Lorde/Anaïs Nin/Rumi-inspired energy of just being more me than I’ve ever been.  I call myself a Radical Self-Expressionist because I lead rebellions around the premise of living an authentic, fully expressed life, and I practice what I teach in my own location-independent, unschooling, live-like-you-mean-that-shit lifestyle.

My passion for this process came out of my experiences being raised among women who lived in muted emotional spaces. The result was that they accepted and consistently attracted unhealthy relationships with others and themselves.  Most of us have been those women at some point in our own journeys, so we don’t judge–we empathize.

They had gotten the level of “stuck” that can cause a woman to let her spirit die.
Do you know what that kind of stuck feels like?

Thankfully, most of those women eventually got free, and learned how to prioritize their own needs. Seeing women I love transition from hurting to healed inspired me to seek out the process behind that type of authentic freedom, so that I could apply it to my own life, and eventually to the lives of others.

Over the years, I’ve immersed myself in the work of helping women get in touch with their Inner Little Girls, their Old Woman Selves, and their Sacred In Between. Juicy, right? Indeed it is. And the phenomenal results include clarity of mind, clear focus, far less daily stress, and a clear path to her un-muted voice.

I write books and guest posts that fuel my live talks and workshops about how to ditch the myth of work-life balance and other utter rubbish (because work-life balance is a LIE!).

As an unschooling mother of two daughters, a wife to a fellow entrepreneur and a believer in radical self-expression, I know what it means to walk the talk of a busy life and audacious, heart-felt goals.

WHAT I KNOW •  A woman should not have to compromise her physical, spiritual or emotional wellness  to achieve success or to experience joy.

WHAT I’VE EXPERIENCED/WITNESSED •  Diluted desires. Emotions deferred. Half-healthy versions of yourself.  Extra weight. Too much on her to-do list. So many roles to play. So much riding on her.

THE RESULT •  A disconnect from the part of herself that knows how to filter through the noise and stay connected to her spiritually-grounded, holistically healthy and genuinely happy self.

THE INFORMATION •  Being in relationships—be they with our partners, our careers, our children or our bodies—does not automatically come with being stressed out, overwhelmed, overweight, or disconnected from the part of you who knows how to prioritize herself and live a much more present and fulfilled life.



  • B.A., Speech Communications, Clark Atlanta University
  • Hosted a radio show, 91.9FM (WCLK), Atlanta (1.5 years of live radio)
  • Worked for top-tier attorneys, File Clerk and Legal Assistant
  • Co-created and delivered middle school curricula to 16 Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Flitted around temp agencies, pretending to care about odd jobs
  • Stopped faking, started writing, and began coaching women
  • Became a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) to enhance my knowledge/skills

My Bliss-filled ADDICTIONS:

  • My big, fat, Jamaican family
  • Books, glorious books!
  • Reading and writing biographies (geeky, but I love it so!)
  • Any research on the human mind and the science of fear
  • Free-range thinking and learning (Unschooling)
  • Traveling the globe to work and play
  • Obnoxiously loud nail polish colors
  • Raw vegan recipes *swoon!*
  • All things Revolutionary
  • Reggae, Jazz, Dubstep and Dancehall music


 My BIO (condensed)

Akilah S. Richards, founded The Life Design Agency to guide women through a process of self-inquiry and unfiltered exploration she calls RADICAL SELF-EXPRESSION. Through Akilah’s books, workshops and coaching sessions, women address urgent issues in the areas of their lives where they feel muted and out of alignment. The Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) and international speaker has authored several books—including the Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestseller, How She Got Free. Her work has been featured in Essence, Clutch, and Real Simple magazines, and online at MSNBC’s Today Moms, RollingOut.com, CNN.com and EverydayFeminism.com. Akilah blogs at radicalselfie.com.

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